My print is too small


For a small number of orders we do receive queries regarding the sizing of the print on the shirt. With this, there are two things that we would ask you to check:

1. When you designed the shirt online, the t-shirt you designed on was on a person, and therefore you were designing the shirt 'as worn'. We find that most people compare the flat shirt they have received with the design they submitted online. As people aren't flat (and some of us are deeper than others) it's not comparing like with like to compare the shirts like this. If you try the shirt on and look in the mirror, you should find that your shirt matches the preview exactly.

2. To make sure we deliver shirts that match the previews, and that we deliver exactly the same item again if you order another two years from now, all of the sizing is calculated automatically when you design online. This file is printed as-is to our machinery. We've recently updated our design software to show the size in cm before you order. The size shown is the size of the image uploaded, so if your image has large transparent areas that don't print, you can see the size of the print by drawing a box the size of the visible area (see screenshot below).

You might like to know for the future that if you want a print from edge to edge of the flat shirt, you can extend the artwork off the edge of the shirt as you design online. Bear in mind though, that the details at the edges will not be seen when the shirt is worn and the person wearing it is viewed from the front. It's for this reason our design works on an 'as-worn' basis.

(Although this image is scaled to 41cm, it's almost entirely transparent and the transparent parts won't print)

(To see the size of the print area, draw a box the same width as the non-transparent section (or visible image) and then select it for an accurate measurement)

(The same theory of empty space applies to text-boxes. The text box above is 27cm wide but the majority of it is empty.)

(To view the size of the text within, draw a box the same size as the text, and select it to view the measurement. Of course, if your text fills the textbox then the measurement of the textbox will also be the measurement of the text.)

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