What method do you use for printing designs onto garments?

1. Plotter cut shapes
This technique allows us to make precise cut designs using flex or flock or one of our many other material choices. This method of printing stands out the best, has sharp, clear lines and makes the biggest impact from a distance.

2. Full colour transfers.
When you want a full colour image on your top, this is the method we use. Images are printed onto transfers, and transfered to the garment by heat press. Please bear this in mind when designing your own garment. Printing transparent areas of an image is not always possible.

When printing onto a white garment then you can upload PNG or GIF files with transparency and we can print them with transparency. When working with white polos and all other colours, images will contain no transparent areas.

Images onto white shirts can be printed up to A4 in size, allowing transparency. Images onto white polos or any coloured garments can be printed up to A3 in size using the other transfer material. Images larger than A4 on a white shirt will be printed with the coloured shirt transfer material, and any white surround will be visible.

If you require complicated shapes with transparent areas why not consider flex or flock? For a one-off artwork fee of £19.99 one of our graphic designers can take a look at your design to see if it will work. Call us on 0113 263 9722 to take advantage of this.

3. Embroidery
Embroidery is the art of stitching your design onto the shirt using our high-tech computerised embroidery machines. The finish is sleek and professional, hardwearing and durable. Considered by many as the only professional looking finish for a design, it is the obvious choice for your workwear, sports kits and uniforms.

WOW/DTG Prints offer full transparency up to A4 in size onto dark garments To use this print method, make sure you upload a .png file

5. Screen printing
Larger orders (typically over 100 items) can be screen-printed.     
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